Blv Pour

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Cologne for an 18 year old? How do you like BLV Pour Homme by bvlgari?

I want something thats unique and youthful. I’ve tried Dior Homme by Christian Dior and polo double black by Ralph Lauren and liked both, but feel like switching it up a bit. I know BLV PH is probably fairly common since i saw it at my local Macy’s, but was wondering how you girls liked the smell on a guy? I’d also appreciate some other recommendations for quality cologne, maybe a set of 2 for morning / day&night or an all arounder.

PS: I haven’t tested out Bvlgari’s aqua cologne yet, but heard A LOT of popular feedback for its smooth authentic ocean smell. But was wondering if this is a very popular cologne? I just hate walking by another guy and smelling the same cologne im wearing.

i would agree with d&g light blue and fcuk
i love dior homme though
you could also try yves saint laurant homme as well

Blv Pour

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