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Things to consider while Commercial Label Printing

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Printing your ad on any surface – paper, fabric, ceramic, wood, metal, and any other surface – is simple and affordable. With the FLEXO Press technology we have, it’s become more practical and a better way of marketing if you provide your target clients with marketing guarantee printed efficiently. From label printing, sticker printing and custom labels, printing is a most important and essential part of marketing that any business can’t do without.

That’s reason commercial printing has become very fashionable. Many have ventured into the printing business that sometimes it’s not so hard to get an unreliable provider that’s only in for the money. With the big demand for commercial printing, it’s not surprising at all that many would want to try their hands on this particular niche.

But if you’re on the other side and you’re the one needing this particular printing service, how can you be sure that the commercial printer you send out your best print job to would give you the results you expect from their side? One way is you have the basics knowledge of commercial printing. You need to know the bare necessities so you can ask the right questions when you’re ready to bring your print requirements to your printing provider.

Choose material for your product labels

Paper product labels best for food labels or for other short-term uses and may be laminated to protect the ink. Film product labels are good for packages that get wet, like shampoo, etc. Product label helps to find out your product easy way. You can also find your label stamped with gold or silver foil for a fancy look of color with many types of label material.

So what do you need to know?

The first things you have to understand are the words associated with commercial printing. These are the jargons such as RGB and CMYK when doing your sticker printing, label printing and custom labels for example. Both are associated with colors and inks that are applied in your printing job.

RGB are for the colors red, green and blue which are used to print the primary colors in commercial printing. By the way, these colors are considered the major colors in commercial printing hence, they tend to be less costly than any other color combinations. On the other hand, CMYK are cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Black represents the letter ‘k’ as it stands for ‘key’, which means the key color in printing – black being the key color. Newer digital label printers are skilled of mixing seven colors for a truer color. Another way, asks for a printed proof of your product label before paying for a full print run. Ask if you can run a small batch so that you can see any color variation that is bound to happen. The variation shouldn’t be bad – just a shade lighter or darker is normal.

These are some of the basic terms for your commercial printer when you hiring a commercial printer to do the job for you. You need to know these basic fundaments for you to be able to ask the right questions that can give you the best results for your print job or business needs.

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