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Calvin Klein has created some successful perfumes and colognes in the market. Calvin Klein introduced world’s first ever unisex fragrance, named, CK One. This perfume was launched in the year 1994. it has a fruity scent of papaya, jasmine and pineapple. In 1985 it released obsession perfume range. This was recognized for its oriental aroma. A blend of oriental spices combined with amber, vanilla, oak moss and orange blossom. Escape perfume was launched in 1991. These were generally worn on romantic occasions. It has a fruity scent of peach, plum, and apple. After CKone had become successful, Calvin Klein launched its second unisex perfume named as CK Be. It has a masculine scent, with its woody aroma and sandalwood and musk tones. Calvin Klein introduced a light floral scent in 1997. Calvin Klein brand name is recognized all over the world for its exquisite quality.

Donna Karan launched a popular fragrance, DKNY Perfume in 2000. It has a floral fragrance. The main notes are vodka, orange, tomato leaf, white birch, and daffodils. DKNY perfume has a smooth, subtle, and long lasting scent. In 1992, Donna Karan introduced its first women fragrance. It has a floral fragrance comprising of rose, cassia, jasmine, heliotrope, Casablanca and apricot. Notes like suede, patchouli, amber and sandalwood are present in this scent. In 1994, DKNY launched a floral scent named as cashmere Mist. It has a blend of bergamot and lily of the valley is merged with sweet tones of vanilla, sandal wood and amber. Chaos was created in 1996. This fragrance has a blend of agar wood, saffron, cinnamon, chamomile, coriander and clove.  Black cashmere was launched in 2002. It has an aromatic fragrance. It has a blend of clove, white pepper, vanilla, rose amber, patchouli and intense.

Huge boss perfume was created by a famous designer Huge Boss. It introduced a popular Hugo women perfume in the year 1997. It has notes of green apples, water lilies, papaya flowers, berries, peach, nectarine, musk, and sandalwood. Another women perfume was launched by Hugo Boss in 2000. It has fruit and floral notes. Hugo boss launched Hugo deep red in 2001. It has fruity notes of Clementine, pears and blood oranges. Other famous Hugo Boss perfumes include Boss Intense and Hugo Duo.

Gucci introduced a perfume by name Gucci no.3 in the year 1985. It has a blend of jasmine, iris, amber, rose, wood, and moss. In 1997, a perfume by name Gucci Envy was introduced. It is made up of jasmine, violets, magnolia, iris, wood, sandalwood. Gucci launched many other famous perfumes like Gucci Accenti, Gucci Rush, and Gucci Rush 2. Gucci Rush has more floral and fruity aroma.

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Blossom Calvin Perfume
Blossom Calvin Perfume

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