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Would you wear a perfume with a name that was against your religion? Or inspired by the mythos of your faith?

I’ve lately become addicted to the yummy perfumes of the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, but something one of my friends said, made me wonder.

They represent many religions in their perfume oils, things and places or deities serving as inspiration.

Examples being: The seven deadly sins, The Scales of Deprivation (Famine), Sacred Whore of Babylon, Cathedral, Eris, Nyx, Persephone, Odin, Yggdrasil, Bringasmen, Oya, Baron Samedi (if I spelled that wrong, apologies).

Not all the scents are religiously inspired, there are also ones from Good Omens, Stardust and others that go to charity, as well as some from HP Lovecraft fiction.

So, would you wear a perfume, if you liked the scent if it was inspired by something from a different religion, or something evil from your own?

Or, conversely, would you be offended by scents inspired by your religion, and refuse to wear them?

So you can look at the site, in case I accidentally enable anyone:
The main site:

The Sin and Salvation section:


Most of the deity inspired ones:

Good Omens:

Et cetera
Well, to be honest the question came up because she was horrified about my Sacred Whore of Babylon perfume, and got all indignant. That spawned this question.

The name doesn’t matter to me, it’s the fragrance that I care about.
I used to wear an essential ritual oil called, “Dragon’s Blood” because it was a mixture of Patchouli and Musk, my mood has changed a bit, I now wear, “Samsara”.
Back in the 60s, I wore a special perfumed oil called “Blood of Christ”, it was an exotic blend of myrrh, sandalwood and bergemot and very unusual. It was made by a specialty shop in Point Richmond, CA. They went out of business in the 70s, but they had some awesome fragrances and many were special blends.
My best friend wears a new exotic fragrance called, “Spawn of Avarice”, on her it smells great; however, it smells like wet dog on me. It is one of those new fragrances that is designed to smell different because of your body chemistry.

Black Phoenix Perfume
Black Phoenix Perfume

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