Beverly Hills Perfume for Women

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where can i buy giorgio beverly hills ocean dream perfume for women? its an older perfume…..?

as a favor for a friend im trying to find this perfume for her. i searched online and i came up with a few varieties,, some in blue bottles..i think some in yelow. and a few in pink. my friend said hers was in pink…but is there any difference in the three colors i came across or all they the same scent???

and where would i be able to find it? sears? jc penny? i dont htink stores liek macys or lord and taylor would carry an olderr perfume.. do they?

I haven’t seen this perfume sold anywhere in years..It might just be available online. I would think either JC penney or Sears sells it. Since they have a different variety than Macy’s.

Beverly Hills Perfume For Women
Beverly Hills Perfume For Women

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