Beeswax Candles

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For new candle makers, the best way to having great results would be through learning how to make beeswax candles. It is considered as a perfect project for any beginner. The fact that no molten wax is included likewise makes this project ideal in itself. Cost is neither a problem. Rolled beeswax candles are not only fun but very cheap and easy to make. Plus, you really don’t need a lot of materials if you want to learn how to make beeswax candles.

Rolled beeswax candles comprise of basic materials namely wicks and honeycomb beeswax sheets. You may also need knives and scissors as tools in making these. The instructions are relatively easy.

First, place the beeswax sheet on a smooth surface. Place the wick on the shorter part or side of the beeswax sheet. Then crimp the edge of the beeswax sheet over the wick. Press it gently and continue rolling until the wick is fully covered. Seal in the ends by means of pressing the sheet as you roll it. Remember to do this process gently as you do not want to damage or break your beeswax candle.

Learning how to make beeswax candles also means applying the following tips. It is very important to roll the sheet tightly. It is also essential to keep the edges straight. No adhesive or glue is required in sealing the ends, all you need is press it gently and roll the sheet to make it firm.

As you slowly do the rolling, you will notice how your beeswax grows in diameter. It has been said that the only means of sealing its ends is through your body heat. Just be patient in doing the process and do not do it hastily.

It is important that you learn this tips if you really want to know how to make beeswax candles. Also, you have to remember that beeswax sheets have to be warm before you can roll them. It is advisable to use a blow dryer in warming your wax sheets. Moderation is also the golden rule when doing this technique.

Remember that skills can be acquired if you have the passion for it. All you need is a little time to execute and do the process well. There is really no need for a bigger capital or investment. You can purchase a few supplies and practice your candle making skills. Rolled beeswax candles are the nicest things ever. They are cute and very inexpensive as well. With it, you can see that learning how to make beeswax candles can be fun and less tiring. Slowly, you can learn and advance towards making scented or tea light candles.

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Beeswax Candles
Beeswax Candles

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