Bee Wax Candle Making Supply

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Most candle makers consider bee wax to be one of the best materials to use. While bee wax candle-making supply kits are more expensive than others, they are also the most rare and the highest quality. There are many advantages to using bee wax to make candles. Bee wax candles are all natural, have a longer burning time than synthetic waxes, and have a naturally beautiful scent.

Bee wax candle-making supply kits contain wax that is completely natural. No pesticides, chemicals or preservatives are needed. Candles made of synthetic wax often include harmful byproducts and allergenic components. Paraffin, a common synthetic wax, is a byproduct of petroleum. The American Lung Association recommends against burning paraffin candles because they can emit low amounts of mercury and lead into the air that are harmful if inhaled. Bee wax is hypoallergenic and nontoxic, making it perfect for candles.

While bee wax does cost more than synthetic wax, it burns twice as long. This means that it is a better value in the long run. Bee wax has a higher melting point than synthetic wax and therefore does not drip or smoke when it burns.

Another major advantage of bee wax candles is that they have a wonderful natural aroma. There is no need to add any sort of scent to the candle; it naturally gives off a pleasant and subtle honey smell.

It is a good idea to purchase bee wax from a source within the United States. Chemical preservatives or pesticides may taint some imported bee wax. These chemicals compromise the quality of the wax and nullify the many advantages that make bee wax so desirable.

Bee wax has many advantages over synthetic materials. It may be the most expensive, but it produces the cleanest burning candles with a pleasing natural aroma.

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Bee Wax Candle Making Supply
Bee Wax Candle Making Supply

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