Attracts Women Pheromones

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Chikara is by far one of the most popular pheromone products available today on the market. It premiered in 2004 and then was later reformulated in 2006 to have an extra 4 pheromones within the mix. In total 7 different types of pheromones are supposedly in the mix.

The sweet but light and not too overwhelming smell of vanilla was nice and I received several comments on the smell of my cologne. Women described it as an exotic smell and made them feel as if experiencing something fresh and new. Wow if only smell engaged me so much. Perhaps this commenter really liked the pheromones (pheros are unscented) and expressed her pleasure with them by commenting on my cologne scent.

Before going out with using Chikara cologne I usually spray it on my neck and wrists. If I spray too much the Vanilla gets to me. I kinda like a little but not too much. The silly thing is that people will think that if they put more on the pheromones will be more effective at attracting hot women to them. The cool thing about pheromones is that they just modify your experiences a tad. So women will ultimately get an impression on you based on your actions, what you say, the way you move, tone, and expressions. Pheromones tend to enhance each of these inputs you send out to women. So a woman might perceive you to be more social and trustworthy than they would normally without pheromones in your cologne.

If you have tried any of the other pheromone blends out there you’ll notice some neat difference with Chikara. The phero blend in its mix is made so that the pheromones tend to be balanced towards the “common” run of the mill personality. So you don’t have to have a predisposition to a certain personality type for the pheromone product to be effective.

You can read my full experience of Chikara Cologne and see if this pheromone blend is right for you and style. Please remember not to have too many high expectations of pheromones because this is no “magical bullet” to get you chicks. Its important that you take this stuff as an enhancement of yourself and you see them as that.

Once you truly understand the pheromone experience and how its different than a normal experience you’ll be shocked.

Attracts Women Pheromones
Attracts Women Pheromones

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