Attitude Giorgio

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Cologne review regarding Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue and Attitude by Giorgio Armani !! HELP!!!!!?

First of all, I just purchased Banana Republic Classic for men and it SUCKED big time, wasted 40 bucks on that crap!!! I want a cologne with a nice fragrance and it lasts.. The Banana Republic cologne lasted me under 20 minutes before it faded! I want a cologne that will last me hours.. so which one?

Attitude by Giorgio Armani [men]

Light Blue by Dolce & Gabanna [men]
ughhhhhhhhhhhh you both selected different choices…i’m still clueless!


I bought it for my best friend a few months ago and he can’t get enough of that stuff. He loves it, and I can still smell it on him from the time I drop him off at his school to the time that I pick him up (it’s about five or six hours).

Attitude Giorgio

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