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Women’s perfumes are an integral part of the world of women’s fashions. There are different perfumes for different types of women. There are different perfumes too for different moods as well as for different times of the day i.e. daywear and evening wear. If a ‘look’ is in fashion, there is a perfume to fit that ‘look’. That is what the world of womenÂ’s perfume is about!

Several online sites have a wide catalogue of women’s perfumes. From Sarah Jessica Parker’s ‘Lovely’ to the new Prada perfume, there are different perfumes for different women and women’s perfumes is a whole world that needs to be explored.

You can look through online sites and look at the new fragrances. You can discover the different notes in women’s perfumes like patchouli and bergamot and ‘see’ also what the effects are. Still the woman must ‘feel’ the perfume and the department stores with the counters of Chanel, Givenchy and others are the places to really ‘feel’ and ‘test’ women’s perfumes.

For a woman, the perfume appeals to the sense of smell and with the correct look, all is complete. In the world of women’s perfumes, we have the girlish and the feminine, as well as the mature dark perfume. There are the floral perfumes and the more woody ones.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely perfume is a floral scent, which produces an air of wealth and sophistication. Angel by Mugler then has a powerful oriental scent. It is a powerful but soft women’s perfume.

What is a good perfume for women? For some. it is a floral feminine scent. It is a great powerful flowery aroma like ‘Flowerbomb’, the first perfume from the fashion label, Viktor & Rolf.

It is a rich floral blend of jasmine, rose, freesia and orchids with a strong hint of patchouli. It is a real floral ‘bomb’ and in the world of women’s perfumes, it is placed on the ‘floral’ side. ‘Oscar’ by Oscar de la Renta is a floral perfume also. It is a classic ‘flowery’ scent aimed for evening wear.

On the other hand, some women prefer the rich heavy scent of Guerlain’s Shalimar. Shalimar by Guerlain, which was first introduced in 1925, is a perfume aimed towards the sophisticated woman.

Some women’s perfumes are floral and feminine. Other women’s perfumes like Shalimar aim towards the sophisticated woman. It has a blend of eastern spice and floral aromas. It is a classic perfume, a perfume that is ageless.

Oscar by Oscar de La Renta is classed as a floral or flowery perfume, which is meant for evening wear. Chanel No. 5 perfume as well as Lanvin’s Arpege and Revlon’s Incognito are women’s perfumes that ooze sophistication and mystery.

In the world of women’s perfumes, a woman must be comfortable with the ‘look’ and ‘feel’ of the perfume. She must be at ease with what the perfume stands for. Some perfumes stand for luxury and sophistication; others are aimed towards the romantic evening.

Different women’s perfumes are made for different worlds and within the fashion area of women’s perfumes, there are different distinct markets. Are you looking for a perfume for evening wear. Shalimar might be suitable but you might like a floral scent like ‘Oscar’ by Oscar de La Renta. Look through the world of women’s perfumes and find the perfume that suits you!

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Arpege Perfume
Arpege Perfume

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