Army Men

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What is the best special effects program to use in a plastic army men, stop animation movie?

I have seen a movie done with effects lab lite and it was pretty cool but they don’t make that version any longer. I’m looking for a program that has muzzle flash from various gun types, maybe blood spray, fire.

Or just a really good program that works well with plastic army men situations that you have used in the past.

Thanks, Rambo.

Adobe After Effects is the cheapest compositing program out there. It is widely used, fairly easy to learn (especially if you have photoshop experience), and versatile.

Muzzle flashes are easy to create, bright shape that lasts for one frame. For blood and fire you’ll need to find or shoot footage of it and “composite” them into the shot. Creating blood and fire digitally will be too much for you unless you have experience with particles.

Army Men

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