Armani Perfumes

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There is always a legendary story behind the development of a prestigious brand. We have posted a lot articles related to this theme. Now let’s continue to discover the story behind the famous Armani fashion house.

The founder of Armani House is Giorgio Armani. He was born in 1934 into a humble family in Piacenza, a small town near Milan. He didn’t receive any professional training in fashion design. Graduated from the local public school, he entered University of Milan medical school and in 1957 he got a job at the Milan department store La Rinascente. But his talent and passion to fashion design cannot be ploughed under. In 1964 Armani designed a line of menswear for Nino Cerruti. Encouraged by his partner Sergio Galeotti, Armani left Cerruti and in 1970 became a freelance fashion designer and consultant. He soon made his mark. In 1973-74, at the prestigious Sala Bianca fashion show in Florence, he presented to great acclaim bomber jackets that treated leather as a regular, everyday fabric. This penchant for using materials in unexpected contexts and combinations came to be known as a defining characteristic of his genius.

In 1975 the Armani fashion house was founded. And then he launched a revolution in fashion with his unlined and unconstructed man’s jacket. Completely loose and informal, the blazer offered sensual hints of the body beneath, marking a major departure from, on the one hand, the stuffy suits that straitjacketed men in the 1960s, and, on the other, the sartorial abandon of the hippie generation. The rumpled jacket was an immediate success, and a new breed of tailoring was born. Three months later, he unveiled an unstructured jacket for women. Made with traditional menswear fabrics, it was as simple and soft as the man’s and bore a masculine authority. With this alternative to long, flower-child skirts and classic French tailleurs, Armani joined Paul Poiret and Coco Chanel as an emancipator of women’s fashion. In the 1980s, the exquisitely tailored Armani “power suit” for men and women came to symbolize an era of international economic boom. Armani became the first fashion designer to appear on the cover of Time magazine since Christian Dior in the 1940s. Armani began to grow to a global brand.

Today the House of Armani is renowned for its elegant simplicity and sophistication, and an ethos that has continued to motivate and inspire Giorgio, and is apparent in everything from Armani clothing, jewelry, watches and cosmetics to Armani perfume and even home interiors.

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Armani Perfumes
Armani Perfumes

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