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The thought of men bothering about the color of their shirt, chafing over chapped skins, or pondering the designs of shoes, would have been disconcerting to a lot of old school descendants. But that was before the entry of ‘the metro sexual man’ into the fashion lexicon.

This is a man who ‘dresses up’ – quite literally. He religiously visits the beauty salon to accentuate the arch of his eyebrow, wears branded shirts with Armani suits and dons men’s Minnetonka moccasins to throw a powerful challenge to the ‘fairer’ stalwarts guarding the fashion fortresses.

Therefore, given the gaining popularity of accessories in the male wardrobe it’s not hard to explain the rage surrounding men’s Minnetonka moccasins. Remember, ‘a man is known by the shoes he wears’ and what are men’s Minnetonka moccasins if not svelte ‘shoes with a furrowed u- shaped arch’. That’s a direct quote from the dictionary.

Worn by Native Americans, these foot gears were originally designed to suit specific requirements. The hunting tribes in the pebbly deserts wore the hard soled ones, while those inhabiting the marshy eastern forest stretch wore the soft soled ones.

But who needs to learn history? All one needs to know is how to maintain a pair of these beauties, so that they turn the wearer into the cynosure of all eyes in the most happening circles. Here are some tips to help you preserve your invaluable pair…

• Leather, being porous, is highly susceptible to adsorbing dirt and loosing its shine. So clean your moccasins, regularly. Administer the lotion in circular motions that builds up the foam and as the warm leather imbibes in the moisture, wipe away the dirt instantaneously.

• Washing with a cleaner also works. Any high quality soap suffices for cleaning the dirt that cakes the exposed surface. If the leather is parched dry, use a mixture of 25% water to the cleaner for wiping them.

• Its time for moisturizing the moccasins. A good quality leather conditioner softens the leather beautifully. Follow this up with a polish paste but do not smear it over the beads and the decoration.

• Make your moccasins resilient to rough weather by coating their soles with a mink oil-beeswax mix; heat the mixture before application -to melt the wax- and use a brush for rubbing it along.

• If you possess the nu buck or suede leather pair, be extremely vigilant. Monitor closely if the water is collecting in the beads on the leather and take notice if it is. Brush off the dirt, frequently and use a rubber tipped brush to prevent the flattening of the nap.

• If you own a sheep skin pair, hand wash them with woolite. Put them out in the open and let the sun do its job.

Although these are some handy ways in which you can take care of your moccasins, it is recommended that you consult the company you bought them from, about other specific methods of maintenance.

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Armani Lotion
Armani Lotion

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