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Perfume, Cologne – What Makes Them Different?

Author: Adam Hunter

When you look at the perfume counters, you will see all kinds of different fragrances designed to enhance the natural human scent. These counters will be found in a number of department stores, pharmacies, and on the internet. However, many of the perfumes on these counters are merely cheap replicas of the expensive brands. This means that the imitations will not be as distilled as the originals, and simply designed to look similar to the original brand.

But when it comes to finding the right perfume, you need to know just what a perfume is. Basically, perfumes are made with a base of extracts of the essential oils coming from a number of different plants. Perfume has been used for centuries, even in the bible when the Wise Men took frankincense to baby Jesus. This came from resin of a type of tree that grew in East Africa, burnt in a similar way as we use aromatherapy and candles.

In addition, Myrrh was brought, and taken from bark of another type of tree. It was used centuries ago as a way of making perfume as well as early toothpaste. A real perfume will always have a secret blend of various ingredients mixed with its oils, and will be put into various types of container including an atomizer. Pure perfume is that which has the highest potential concentration of essential oil.

The more concentrated the perfume is, the longer the scent will last and the stronger it will smell. It only takes is a small amount of parfum to keep the scent lasting for hours at a time. However, these perfumes will be higher in price than others. As a way for making up for the expensive cost of these perfumes, many scents are watered down and sold with a much smaller price tag. They won’t last as long as the most expensive forms of perfume. There are a number of different categories when it comes to choosing your perfume.

The most concentrated type of perfume is known as Eau de Parfum. This basically means that the concentration has been mixed with some water. The next type of perfume is known as Eau de Toilette, next is Eau de Cologne, which is more commonly known as ‘cologne’. If there is a brand of perfume sold in all three of these categories, then the Parfum will be the most costly, with cologne being the cheapest. Everybody has a different body chemistry, which is what makes perfume smell different on different people.

They never have the exact same smell as all skin types differ. For example, if you have dry skin then it will not hold scents for as long. If you have naturally oily skin these oils will hold the fragrance for longer. Before you buy your perfume it is always a good idea to test it out and see how it smells and works with your own individual type of body chemistry. This can help you to find the perfect fragrance for you.

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Armani Eau De Toilette
Armani Eau De Toilette

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