Armani Cologne Diamonds

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The new Armani Diamonds aftershave for him has received mixed very many reviews in the market with most being very positive and commending it. However after a friend told me about it, i have wanted to review it. We’ll start with the packaging and as you expect with Armani it is very stylish and in a black colour to indicate the sex that the cologne is aimed at.

The bottle is a tall bottle with a spray device on top and the Armani logo on the middle of the glass section, it is also transparent. Whilst not being an offensive bottle it is nothing to set the world alight and does not match up well to its ‘for her’ equivalent in terms of bottle design.

After finding a tester in my local aftershave cop, i have worn it today and notice the following that it is very cocoa based aftershave (which can be both good and bad) and has hints of bergamot and cedar, with the dry down phase being particularly rich, with many different citrus notes and Guaiac wood coming through. In my eyes it has medium range longevity and lasts for around 5 hours for me, which means I have to re-spray at lunch times.

All in all the Diamonds for men, is a very orchestrated release (to coincide with the Diamonds for women) and I feel that it is a smell because of the heavy use of cocoa that smells from effeminate and i could not smell enough of the citrus to really make the fragrance feel manly for me.

Lars works as a part time freelance author and writer for eComparison and currently works on the perfume point.

Armani Cologne Diamonds
Armani Cologne Diamonds

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