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Selecting The Perfect Fragrance From The Award Winning Assortment

Author: Taisha Grant

This is again another tough task – especially when it comes to selection of the right kind of perfume from amongst the award-winning assortment. There are as many award winning brands of perfumes and fragrances, as there are flops. This, however, makes the general mass of perfume lovers gripped in the total confusion.

The Fragrance Foundation has been announcing the commercially successful brands in the industry as the winner for years. The Foundation has also taken steps to announce the bests insofar the Retail Innovation and Interior Scent Collection for a particular year is concerned. “OSCARS” had been declared to the winner the Fragrance Foundation FiFi Award in the year 2004, while the other very successful name “BURBERRY BRIT” had also won an award for its sky touch demand in the world market. Mr. Donald Loftus – the president and CEO of Cosmopolitan Cosmetics, had also picked up an award for its aesthetic men fragrance, “GUCCI POUR HOMME” in the year 2004. In the same year another company, Chanel had also been awarded for its superb creation, “CHANCE” for the women. Some of the other names to get the honor of fragrance of the year 2004 were “NARCISO RODRIGUEZ”, “PURE TRIFFANY”, “FLOWER”, “ILLUSION” and etc among the women line and “VERY SEXY FOR HIM-2”, “MEN’S — DUNHILL”, “ADIDAS ADRENALINE”, “PURPLE LABEL” and etc. among the men’s line. It is, however, very clear that the selecting the best out of the lot is too tough, as every single name in the list has marked an unique path breaking success story.

Two more FiFi Award winners among the fabulous women’s line of fragrances are “WHITE DIAMOND” developed by Elizabeth Taylor and “WHITE LINEN” developed by Estee Lauder. Although failed to win the Fragrance Foundation FiFi Award, yet the names like “BEYOND PARADISE”, “RALPH LAUREN BLUE”, “SICILY”, “STELLA”, “WISH”, “WHITE JEANS” AND “WINGS FOR WOMEN” are equally remarkable. “COLONIA” by Aqua Di Pharma, is another classic name that have always enticed the male perfume lovers all over the world by retaining the strength of the awesome masculine fervor in its unique notes.

Other brands that have established superb dominion in the market are Boss, Bvlgari, Carolina Herrera, Calvin Klien, Davidoff, Dolce & Gabbana, Elizabeth Arden, Firmenich, Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss, La Perla, and etc. These brands have come up with the wide range award winning and equivalent fragrances in front of the fashionable section of the world. You are also allowed to select from the classical range of aesthetic fragrances developed by the world’s top ranking brands like Issey Miyake, Clinique and DKYN & Lancome.

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Arden Women Women’s Fragrance
Arden Women Women’s Fragrance

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