Apple Cinnamon Candles

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If you are like most people you know the soothing benefits of soft candle light combined with pleasing scents. Naturally the use of scented candles helps to provide both of these effects.

The problem with using the traditional paraffin or beeswax scented candles is that the scent often dissipates when the candle isn’t in use. They just don’t have a way to conserve the scent. Fortunately for us living in this modern age, there is a solution to this dilemma.

Scented Jar Candles is the answer. What makes Scented Jar Candles better and more effective that other kinds of candles? It is the jar they come in. With Scented Jar Candles the jar comes with a lid that you can seal to keep the scent locked in. When you open the lid to the jar and light the candle you will find that the scent is just as strong as it was the very first time you used the candle. By providing a way to preserve the scent you are able to fully enjoy your Scented Jar Candles every time you light it up.

Scented Jar Candles come in two main varieties, wax and gel. Both provide the benefit of keeping the scents sealed in and both provide the ambiance you want to present. There are good arguments in favor of each kind. I personally like the gel form but many prefer the wax, especially the beeswax. I would suggest you try both types and develop your own preference.

If you like some old-fashioned scents you can choose from such long time favorites as vanilla, cinnamon, apple, lavender, even pumpkin spice! Scented jar candles are also available in other food scents as well — such as apple, hazelnut, orange or citrus, lemon, cranberry or blueberry, to name just a few of what is available. So whether you use scented candles purely for enjoyment or for a tool in aroma therapy you just can’t do wrong with Scented Jar Candles. They will last much longer than you expect.

Keep a good collection of these great candles in stock. With the sealed lids you apple cinnamon candle will never smell like you pumpkin or jasmine so you can even store them together.

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Apple Cinnamon Candles
Apple Cinnamon Candles

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