Anointing Essential Oils

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Essential Oils Question…?

Ok, I’m pagan, an eclectic witch, I’m doing a self dedication ritual, of my own design, and I want to use the essential oil of sage… I know it can be toxic if ingested, I’m doing a spot test on my skin to test for allergies as we speak. I was wondering, is it a bad idea to use it as an anointing oil?

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well, to be honest, I bought the oil in the form on anointing oil… It has a really strong sage scent, which is why I’m questioning it… I didn’t want to assume that what I bought is fine to use on skin, because I wasn’t given any directions with it…

This is a hard question to answer, since none of us (including you) know exactly what is in the bottle.

Since you’re already doing an allergy test, you’ll be finding the answer soon enough. I would have diluted it first, just in case, but other than that, your allergy test will tell you whether or not it’s safe for annointing use.

Since you’re only using it for annointment and not anything else, your allergy test will be your main determinant, not anything anyone says on here. If there’s no reaction then it’s probably “safe” for you. If you were using it for other purposes, I’d probably give different advice, but since you’re only using a small amount on a small area of skin, then your own personal reaction should be enough to tell you whether or not to use it.

If you’re using it in the future, could you make your own oil? Then at least you’d know what exactly was in it. You can make a sage infused oil by crushing sage, putting it in a jar, and covering the herb with oil. Let it sit a couple weeks and then strain it.

Anointing Essential Oils
Anointing Essential Oils

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