Anna Sui Perfume

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“Embark on a journey of Mystery.

Follow the siren song of adventure and allure.

Explore the magic of the night,

where twinkling stars stir the senses,

and the darkness whispers its sensuous secrets.

Be flirty and bold,

and dance the night away!”

(those are commercial quotes from Anna Sui)

Could not resist the temptation, how weak I am! I finally bought a mini bottle of the latest Anna Sui fragrance: Night of Fancy. All right, I was skeptical with the scent at first. I am a perfume snob, remember. And, with the growing number of my bottles, I always think no commercial perfume could satisfy me.

When I lazily dab one drop, surprise, surprise, Christmas comes early!

Night of Fancy is more than I expected. For some whom are lucky, the scent might be well developed. On my skin (with this weird chem :-)) the notes are intermingled, creating a harmony of hide-and-seek pleasure.

As a whole, it is centered in a scent of powdery berry, coming from sweet-smell of cashmeran* mixed with blueberry. But, if we dig further, we will find that green, sparkling jasmine toned down the sweet smell a little bit. And, ah, that stephanotis* at the very-first-minutes created a nice floral-touch-up, though a little bit difficult to be found.

I am expecting that incens-ey olibanum came up, but apparently the cashmeran reigned over all the notes.

Finally, my impression is: it’s like rubbing my nose against a fluffy white cardigan. Stylish for hot season, perfect for raining season.

Nah, enuf abt that. I don’t want to spoil the excitement. Please go to the mall and try it by yourself, enjoy being sensuous 🙂 And, perhaps like me, you really wish Christmas (esp all the gifts) comes now.



a. cashmeran: a synthetic molecules that emanates a scent of floral-powdery velvet-musky-a bit woody

b. stephanotis: please sniff Very Valentino to catch a glimpse

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Anna Sui Perfume
Anna Sui Perfume

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