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Thierry Mugler – Contender in the Fashion Scene

Author: James Philips

Popularly known as one of the premier fragrance designers of France, Thierry Mugler actually did not start his career in the development of fragrances. In fact, Mugler started his career in the fashion industry. His works have been around since 1974, and since then have been constant contenders in the fashion scene.

Mugler was always known as a child prodigy at the School of Fine Arts in the city of Strasbourg. At the very early age of 14, Mugler joined the Rhine Opera Ballet. At 20, he relocated to Paris to try his luck out and grabbed the position of assistant designer at the Gudule boutique. It did not take too long for Mugler to grab the attention of André Peters of London. Pretty soon, he started to do freelance work for the major fashion houses both in Paris and Milan. But it was in 1973 when he ventured with his very first label, the Café de Paris. The dresses Mugler featured here were made of muslin. The next year, Mugler moved on and founded his very own brand, and he finally opened his very own shop.

Just as a lot of designers have styles that define them, Mugler also has his very own style that has captured the likes of so many people all over the world. Mugler prefers to design 2-piece outfits, and these should come with a full-sleeve jacket. The cuts should be as masculine as ever, with emphasis on the waist and the hips. Mugler also goes for solid colors and incorporates pointed angles just about everywhere, such as the collar, the hem, sleeves, and even the waist and the hips. There are also times when Mugler uses print for his designs. No matter what the design, Mugler gives much importance in giving drama and life to his designs.

After designing clothes for the likes of Madonna and Danielle Mitterand, Mugler took it upon himself to expand his market into fragrances and scents as well. It was in 1993 when he introduced Angel, his first ever scent. This oriental scent is the favorite of the diva Diana Ross because of its essences of caramel, chocolate, honey, and vanilla. After the release of Angel came the next fragrance known as Amen, a few years later. Thierry Mugler continues to launch new scents and we are likely to see many new additions for both the men’s and women’s lines.

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Angel Perfume Thierry
Angel Perfume Thierry

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