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Gift ideas for sister on Rakhi

Author: Amit Desai

Rakhi within India is a major occasion which celebrates the special relation between a brother and a sister. Raksha Bandhan is not only about tying a thread in the hand of the brother by the sister. By this gesture the sister asks for love,protection and affection from her brother and the brother inturn vows to protect her honour under any circumstances. Sending online rakhi in india and other rakhi gifts is an experience worth enjoying.

A sister is the best things to happen to a brother. An Angel sent by God, a sister will stand by his brother when ever the going gets tough. Day after day a sister devises ways of making the world a better place for the brother. Life appears in different hues but one thing is always constant, the unconditional love of a sister. During Raksha Bandhan she send rakhis to India to strengthen the bond which she shares with her brother. She send rakhis to make him feel that she is always there.

A brother wishes to make life better for his sister. Gifting her something which she can cherish all her life is surely an achievement that he would relish on Rakhi. Gifts are highly expressive and they clearly convey messages which at times words fail to transmit!


Cosmetics are inseparable from the life of a lady. They add the much needed touches which will make her a ‘diva’. Regarded as agents to improve the skin and cleaning the complexion, the cosmetics are a must have. Available for all ages they help in improving the personality. The skin needs intense care. Gifting her whole range of cosmetics can be just the right thing to do this Rakhi.

Cosmetics for the Teenage Sister

The teenagers are mostly concerned about the way they look. They have a fad for fashion and beauty care products are a must for them. A teenage sister will love to possess a Lakme Total Care package comprises of HairNext Shampoo, SunExpert Cream, True Wear Nail Colour, Lipstick, Pure Defense Night Cream, Thick Lash Mascara, Strawberry Face Wash and Body Milk. This particular package is complete and can be of great utility to someone even a bit older.

A sister in her teens loves to party out. A complete range of Party Care products is sure to add a beautiful smile on a young sister’s face. For example a Lakme Party Care Package which includes Lakme Hairnext Instant Bounce Styling Hair Gel, Lakme Strawberry Facewash, Colour Eye Shadow, Lipstick, Nail Colour and Radiance Compact is sure to provide the sister with everything that she needs to look beautiful.

Cosmetics for Oily Skin

Teenage is associated with hormonal imbalances leading to secretion of excess oil from the skin, especially around the facial area. Apart from the teenagers, even ladies who go out face a lot of problem with oily skin because of pollution and exposure to sun. They are always in lookout for cosmetics which can relieve them from this unwanted situation. A Lakme Oil Control Package comprising of Face Wash, Refreshing Astringent, Sun Expert Ultra Matte and Lakme Pure Defence Night Cream can be just the perfect gift to present to a sister who has called a war against excess oil!

Cosmetics for Age Control

The relationship with a sister is always evergreen. It can never grow old but always grows stronger. A brother can put an end to the ageing effects of his sister’s skin by gifting her Ponds Age Control Hamper on the auspicious occasion of Rakhi. The Age Control Package comprises of all cosmetics that are required to rejuvenate her looks. It includes Age miracle Facial Foam, Age Miracle Cream and Age Miracle Serum. Another package is Garnier Age Control hamper comprising of Ultra Doux Shampoo, Conditioner, Deep Clean Gel Face Wash, Anti-Aging Cream, Moisturizer Lotion, Replenishing Night Cream and Nourishing+ Anti-Tightening Cold Cream which when used regularly will enhance the looks and make her look not only more beautiful but also young and confident.

Cosmetics for the Eyes and the Lips

A teenage sister or the one in her 20’s, 30’s and 40’s is sure to devote a good amount of time in taking care of her eyes and lips. A Lakme package including Thick Lash Mascara, Eye Pencil, Lip Liner Pencil, Eye Shadow, Lip Stick and Starshine Lipgloss will become her best friend when she wants to add defining touches to her lips and eyes. Such packages are a must for sisters who regularly socialize and attend parties.

Hair Care

Hair Care has been revolutionized in the last decade. With excessive use of chemicals for hair treatment, there is a chance that hair needs replenishment.

A brother takes a lot of delight in visualizing his sister’s hair beaming with health. Gifting her Lakme Complete HairCare hamper comprising of Hairnext Color Shampoo, Color Conditioner, Souffle, Hairnext Instant Bounce Styling Gel, Quick Silk Serum and Snapshine Spray will just be the ideal gift for a sister who wants to look very contemporary. Gift your sister a lovely hair care hamper this Rakhi.

Cosmetics for Day long Care

A day long care of the skin is essential for sisters of all age groups. It puts them in good stead through out the day. Ponds Flawless Daily Cream, Ponds Face Wash and Ponds Flawless Night Treatment Cream in a Ponds Daily Care Hamper can be the perfect day long companion of a sister.

A 9 to 5 Care

Most of the ladies in this present era spend a lot of time outside, studying or in office. They hardly get long leisure hours to take care of their skin. A compact range of cosmetics which can take a 9 to 5 care is of utmost necessity.

A sister who has to stay out for long hours needs a Lakme 9 to 5 Care Hamper including Face Wash, Pearl Souffle Cream, High Definition EyeLiner, Lipstick and Pure Defence Protective Day Lotion. Cynosure of all eyes she beams with a new found confidence!


A sister is very special to a brother. The eternal bond between a brother and a sister is definitely a cut above the rest. After mother, probably a sister is a woman in the life of a brother who always thinks the best for him without expecting anything in return.

However, all brothers are not blessed with having the divine presence of their sisters near them. For many, the sister reside miles away in another city or a country. Nevertheless, the urge to remain connected is always present.

A situation like this demands a trendy mobile phone to her which will bridge all distances. Listening to her resounding voice across long distance is indeed very satisfying. Moreover, these mobile phones are loaded with latest features like MMS, GPRS, Infra red, Blue tooth, Mega pixel camera, Movie player and FM Radio.

The availability of these features makes the mobile phones a bare necessity. A sister can always take beautiful snaps of herself and her family with a mobile phone which is fitted with a camera. FM Radio can always chisel her tastes about music and day to day happenings. Other features like movie player, infra red and blue tooth can add colour to her life like never before. With leading brands like Sony, Nokia, Samsung and Motorola on the fray, gifting one’s sister a latest mobile is the right thing to do.


For brothers, a sister is always at the top of the world and during Rakhi she becomes even more important. Being a brother brings its own share of responsibilities. One of his primary responsibilities is to see to it that his sister remains happy always. Gifting a sister something which can have a lingering and refreshing effect holds good for a brother. What better than a perfume, which can always provide that refreshing and lingering feel!

Perfumes are for varied tastes and they are all about elegance and sensuality.

A sister can always be made to feel very special by gifting her exclusive branded perfume like those from the house of Dior, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Burberry, Versace, White Diamond, Jennifer Glow and many more.

This is sure to bring tears of joy in a sister’s eyes and a brother can ask for nothing more!

Designer Watches

A lady is all about grace and sophistication. Every thing that she flaunts defines her personality. Watches with stone settings, delicate bracelet and ornate design accentuate her whole being.

Watches have a very practical purpose but that is not the ultimate for it. From the days the watches came into being they strongly made their presence felt as jewellery items. The trend has become stronger nowadays with women increasingly getting inclined towards parties and other social events. The watches that they sport match well with their designer cloths, there by, providing a sense of aestheticism and a strong fashion statement.

A brother always remains highly important in the life of a sister. She sees to it that her brother remains in comfort and does well in life. Rakhi provides the brother with a choice to return that with a lot of grace and appreciation. It gives him an opportunity to say-‘sister the world is a better place because you are always there’. And there is nothing like proclaiming that with designer watches! These watches from the house of Timex, Titan, Fastrack, Citizen, Sonata and Angora bring out new shades in the personality of one’s sister.


Flowers speak more than words. They are fit for any occasion and can light up a dull day. Standing for the subtle emotions they can be the best gift to show care and love.

A bouquet of flowers in the center of a room is a source of visual pleasure. It communicates, attracts and makes one feel happy within seconds. They stand for all the positive emotions like happiness and love. The flowers come in varied shapes, colours, shades, fragrances and patterns. In all the best events of our lives flowers can be an ideal gift because they easily transmit the messages of love. They can also be apt for different decorative purposes.

On the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan a bouquet of flowers is an invaluable gift. It can transmit the opulence of a brother’s feeling towards his sister better than loads of expensive offerings. A sister will be delighted to receive a wonderful arrangement of flowers as a Rakhi gift from his brother. She will really appreciate the time and thought devoted for choosing such a magnificent gift! These flowers carry the message- ‘Sister, our bond is inseparable.’

Gifts of Silver

Possessing gifts of silver is something to cherish for a lifetime. Intricately designed items of silver have a lot of utility. These are crafted to perfection to catch the imagination of the recipient. The high point of the gifts of silver is their durable nature.

Gifting items of sliver on the auspicious occasion of Rakhi can enliven the day for one’s loving sister. Mewa Box, Thali, Tea Set, Madrasi Jug and a Supari Set are all invaluable gifts for her.

On the occasion of Raksh items of sliver make for exciting gift to a sister. They carry the message that apart from just a gift the brother has also kept the utility aspect in mind. He has remained as caring as ever and has presented his sister with some thing which he can put to good use in daily works of life. The items of silver can prove to be extremely handy while storing dry fruits or other commodities of daily use. They can also be used as showpieces.

A sister never demands a lot from the brother. She only wants small gestures which can make her feel that her brother is always there for her. A gift of silver can just reassure her that her brother may be distant from her in miles but is never far away from her soul.

Pearl Jewellery

Women adore Pearl Jewellery because it adds a distinct aura on their personality. With classic and feminine designs, pearl jewellery is considered show stoppers. Exquisite pearl jewellery can make heads role on a party or other social gatherings.

A brother can make the auspicious occasion of Rakhi an unforgettable experience for his sister by gifting her enchanting pearl jewellery. Freshwater Hyderbadi Natural Pearl Set, Pearl Earrings, Pendant Sets, Bracelets and Bangles can floor one’s sister on any day.

Gifting Pearl Jewellery to the sister can be a unique gesture on the part of a brother because women just crave for gorgeous jewellery items. They love to look good and being admired. Pearl Jewellery has a separate aura about it which makes a woman look enchanting. Presenting a sister with Pearl Jewellery on Rakhi will carry the message that for a brother a sister is always priceless.

Beautiful Show Piece Items

Beautifully designed Show Pieces are essential for the décor of the room because their presence add glamour and represent affluence. Showpieces come in different patterns and include delicate carving and fine finish.

Show pieces having antique finish and carved from crystal illuminate the corner of the room where they are kept.

The occasion of Rakhi calls for gifting the sister with something which can remind her of her sweet brother all the time. She is a rare creation of god and any thoughts about presenting her with gifts have to be innovative. A brother can always pamper his sister with artistically crafted show piece items which are innovative and appealing!

Designer Mobile Bags

Mobile bags are of great utility. They help in protecting the mobile sets from sweat of hand and dust on the road. The mobile bags for the ladies are magnificently decorated. They appear nowadays as style statement of the modern lady.

A mobile bag with captivating design is a thrilling gift for one’s sister. The hall mark of all the bags is their stress on design and use of materials like Zardosi, Beads and Fabric which make them exclusive fancy items.

A mobile bag for a sister is not an extravagant but a very significant personalized gift. It communicates that a brother never misses the minutest of the needs of his sister. Every time a sister unfolds her mobile phone from the bag she will be reminded of her caring brother!


Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers can be the perfect gift in a situation where one doesn’t know about the preferences of the person for whom the gift is being sent. The voucher provides the recipients with an option to buy products of their choice. They can go for their favourite store, food joint, fashion boutique or a beauty salon.

Rakhi can be made a treasured day on the life of one’s sister by gifting her attractive vouchers from some of the leading brands in India like Adidas, Titan, Shopper Stop, Wills Life Style, Kaya, Gili Jewellery, Big Bazzar, Pantaloons, Café Coffee Day and Reebok. These vouchers will provide her with a choice to go for fashion accessories, attractive jewellery sets, pampering skin care, memorable coffee experience and trendy shoes.

An elder sister acts like a protective umbrella to the brother from the day he is born. She takes it upon herself to ensure that her brother gets all the attention and care that he needs.

In her absence life never remains the same. It is true that a mother and later a wife have a great role to play in the life of a man, but the role of the sister is very significant and very different. She fills in the empty space which can never be filled in by the other two leading ladies in his life. What does a brother do to ornament the life of his sister? What does he do to make her feel that she is always remembered? He can do a lot! He can ensure a memorable dinning or shopping experience for his sister by presenting her with gift vouchers!

Sending rakhi to India is an experience which can not be compared with any thing else. One can send online rakhi in india and other gifts which are straight from the heart. As mentioned above Rakhi within India is all about happiness and gifting. Sisters send rakhi to India and express their love for their brothers. The brothers in turn, send a number of gifts to their sisters and express heartfelt emotions for them. Each and every gift is laced with loads of love.

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Angel Perfume Gift Set
Angel Perfume Gift Set

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