Aftershave Pheromones Fragrance

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Tropical Cologne

Author: June Mala

Drive your woman crazy with intoxicating and appealing fragrances of tropical cologne body sprays and perfumes! The strong and masculine fragrances of tropical cologne is sure to enhance your sex appeal accentuating the power of your pheromones to stimulating levels.

Colognes are scented liquids made of alcohol and fragrant oils. Cologne was first made in the German city Koln in the 18th century. Tropical cologne is a specialized toiletry that is used by men all over the world that has a very soothing effect on the skin. Cologne sprays in the form of perfumes or after-shave lotions also helps to prevent common skin problems such as rashes, itchiness and post-shaving discomforts.

You can avail after-shave lotions, perfumes, talc, and hair removing creams, body lotions/sprays, shaving creams and gels with the tantalizing scent of tropical cologne. Tropical cologne aftershaves come in a variety of flavors and scents loaded with arousing very-male blends of fragrant elements such as mint, warm woods, citrus, fresh fruity floral, amber, moss, bergamot, musk, lavender and many more. If you are on a date with your lady she will be erotically pleased with the way you smell, thanks to that manly cologne spray you have used. Cologne after-shave lotions exhibit powerful astringent properties that give you a soothing and cooling effect keeping you fresh all day long post-shaving!

If you are in the mood of captivating the olfactory sensations of charming beauties around you can make use of some tropical cologne deodorants? You are totally spoilt for choices while selecting cologne deo-sprays or perfumes. You can choose from different types of fragrance notes like coriander, lavender, rosewood, cinnamon, sandalwood, musk, amber, geranium and many more that are impregnated into these sprays/perfumes. Tropical cologne deodorants are long lasting and are effective in reducing under arm odor and wetness. You can also avail varieties of tropical cologne perfumes having stimulating and powerful masculine fragrances.

Tropical cologne shaving creams will make your shaving escapades much more refreshing! Most cologne shaving creams are endowed with ultra-masculine aromas and fragrances such as black pepper, musk, amber, jasmine, fig leaves, cypress etc. You can also try out the exciting range of cologne shampoos. These shampoos are especially formulated to clean and nourish your hair deeply thus imparting a lustrous and shinning effect on your hair.

Other kinds of tropical cologne toiletries for men include body talc, body lotions, body oils and face moisturizers.

For women who love their men smelling of tropical cologne fragrance can also tease their man with feminine versions of cologne sprays and perfumes! Cologne perfumes and body sprays specially made for women usually have a refined, oriental, refreshing and flowery fragrance. Other very womanly fragrance notes used in the cologne body sprays and perfumes for women are sandalwood, cedar wood, musk, moss, amber, jasmine, rose, mandarin etc.

Tropical cologne is surely an eternal and universal fragrance that appeals to both men and women equally! So start becoming the center of attraction more frequently armed with the smell of sexy cologne!

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Author: June Mala

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Aftershave Pheromones Fragrance
Aftershave Pheromones Fragrance

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