Aftershave Perfume

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Why does my cat like licking aftershave and perfume?

Every time my husband wears aftershave or I wear perfume, my cat wants to lick our necks. I have no idea why he does this.
Can anyone give me an answer, or is my cat just weird?

There is obviously something about the fragrance that is compelling. However, this is not something you should really encourage since it is possible that there is an ingredient in the perfume that might be detrimental to him if it accumulates in his body the way lecithin does in dogs.

I had a cat who loved the perfume generated by lilacs, roses and hyacinths and would spend hours in rapture, going from plant to plant and sniffing in the scent. You could try bringing fresh flowers into the house to distract him from licking you.

But I don’t think your cat is weird. And you know his sense of smell is good!

Aftershave Perfume
Aftershave Perfume

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